About Ghee

For someone who has never heard of ghee - you can say it’s a butter derivative with no lactose or milk proteins? I know, it almost seems too good to be true but it is a real Superfood. Ghee is made by clarifying the butter on very slow open flame until it is completely caramelised. This process gives ghee a very high smoke point, rich & nutty flavour along with an excellent nutritional profile.


Ayurveda considers Ghee the best fat to use for any kind of cooking (roasting, frying, baking, sautéing). It’s even great to use as a spread or even in your morning smoothies or coffee. Its even great as a moisturiser for skin. Honestly, possibilities are really endless! 


That said, it's important to choose the source of your ghee carefully. In naturally raised animals, the fat profile is unique, very healthy and near perfect for us. That’s why all our ghee is certified organic by Ecocert.