Traditional Plain Organic Ghee

Whether you are sautéing some veggies, making some curry, rice, popcorn or having your morning toast, this little jar is going to be the most versatile oil in your pantry.

Available in two sizes: 250ml & 500ml


One of the best ways to consume and absorb turmeric is to take it in the form of ghee as it increases the bio-availability of the herb allowing you to assimilate it more efficiently and effectively. 

This golden ghee is bursting with anti-inflammatory turmeric and warming ginger. Use it for everyday cooking, add it to your smoothies or stir up a quick turmeric ginger ghee latte.


Available Size: 250ml

Organic Tumeric Ginger Ghee

Organic Fennel Fenugreek Ghee

There is more to spices than just pleasing to tongue. A delicious way to enjoy the benefits of ethereally sweet fennel and flavourful fenugreek. Add this ghee to your soups, stir fry or even baking for a touch of sweetness.


Available Size: 250ml